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Cord & chain tension devices for child safety

Captain Blinds™ ensures the safety of children by providing tension devices for all of our window treatments. These devices are in compliance with Health Canada’s Corded Window Coverings Regulations and must be installed properly to keep cords and chains tight to prevent entanglement and strangulation. If the tension device is accidentally loosened or removed, it must be reinstalled immediately as it is essential for the proper functioning of the window treatment. Additionally, all of our corded window treatments come with a warning label attached to the bottom bar for added safety measures.


Automated shades

Captain Blinds™ offers an innovative solution for window treatments by eliminating the hazards of cord and chain controls with internal electric motors. These motors come in different options like powered by battery packs (rechargeable or replaceable batteries), DC low voltage power, or AC 120V power. This not only provides an added safety measure but also allows for greater convenience and control. With automated shades, you can set timers and schedules to control the amount of sunlight entering the room for added comfort, privacy, and energy savings.


Cordless controls

Captain Blinds™ offers a variety of options for manual control of window treatments without the use of cords or chains. Elite series has a wide range of options for manual control, which will help you to find the perfect system for your needs. With our selection of manual control window treatments, you can achieve the perfect balance of light, privacy, and energy savings without the hazards of cords or chains.

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