Galaxy Curtains UV Protection

Vertical Zebra Curtains are a frequently preferred model in homes and workplaces. It fits very nicely into home decoration and gives a modern look. It is very suitable for use in large windows as it offers a vertical collection opportunity.

Thanks to the Vertical Zebra Curtain, it is possible to benefit from sunlight at the desired level and angle. These curtains have wagons that carry the bands on an aluminum rail. It is possible to move the wagons carrying the bands on the rail to the right or left or from the middle to both sides. Thanks to the chain control, the bands rotate around their own axis. Thus, the light adjustment is made. Vertical Zebra Curtain enriches the interior design. It provides the advantage of controlling the sunlight and heat entering the environment.

Vertical Zebra Curtain models have certain advantages. The product is extremely resistant to impacts. It is useful in the use of sunlight. Vertical curtains are long-lasting. It has a mechanism that can be opened, collected and closed. The rope on the curtain allows the sunlight to come in at the desired angle. It doesn’t get old easily. Cleaning is very practical and easy.

Our Vertical Zebra Curtains are using the highest quality polyester and metallics. Our blinds are fully customized to the dimensions of your windows, which means that we will measure your windows, and then manufacture the blinds with the sizes we received. You will be able to choose the colour, the fabric, and the type of the blind once you are placing your order. Do you want to follow us on Facebook?

UV Protection

Our Zebra Blinds will protect your floors and furnishings from the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure. Blocking up to 99.9% of UV rays when closed.

We are sure that you will be very satisfied with the use of Vertical Zebra Curtain.