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At Captain Blinds, we take pride in being a Canadian company and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. We source materials from top manufacturers around the world, including Turkey, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Germany, to ensure we have the best options available and we make every effort to use local Canadian goods whenever possible. Whether we manufacture here in Canada or import ready-made products, we always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products that meet their specific requirements. We strive to offer the lowest prices possible without compromising on quality or integrity, and we are committed to being transparent and honest with our customers, which is why we never use fake discounts or misleading marketing tactics. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide our customers with the perfect window coverings while being proudly Canadian.

Avinash ShahaniAvinash Shahani
20:17 17 Mar 23
Captain blinds have a great selection, great at communicating, price is the best in the market and service is the reason we went with them. The quality of their product was high end and installation was clean. They respect your schedule and accommodate according to the customers request.We had done half the house with someone else before them and I only wish we found them before so I didn’t have to redo it.Great job Adam and thank you to accommodate us.
Jane AkinlamiJane Akinlami
02:26 01 Feb 23
Very professional and detailed oriented. They did amazing work producing and installing my window blinds. I highly recommend them.
Michelle R.Michelle R.
17:51 21 Jan 23
We took a chance with this company, and it paid off. Adam and his partner did an amazing job with our blinds. We just moved into a new home and the old blinds were not functional. We replaced them with zebra blinds and some motorized zebra blinds on our main floor - game changer. They were quick and efficient and reasonably priced! Had one small hiccup and they handled it quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend them.
Carla ParkerCarla Parker
16:21 03 Jan 23
The experience I’ve had with Captain Blinds has been professional and affordable adding great style to my living room and dining room. The team and I had some lovely chats during installation. Great job!
19:36 02 Jan 23
Very pleased with their services and a very friendly staffloved the blinds 💯 quality speaks excellent material used in the making of our blinds
Aloma SmithAloma Smith
00:29 16 Dec 22
It was a pleasure doing business with Captain Blinds, they were courteous, precise, on schedule. My Blinds were beautifully designed and the material of high quality. I can highly recommend Captain Blinds for your beautiful Blinds.
Zakki IsmailZakki Ismail
14:34 10 Dec 22
We had an amazing experience with them. They were experienced and helpful as well as affordable. My husband and I were extremely satisfied with the end product and are happy to refer them to our family and friends!
Thmina AzimThmina Azim
02:33 09 Dec 22
If I could give 10 stars I would, best customer service, I got my blinds promptly and they are beautiful. I am so happy with it! 100% recommend !!
elvin zeynalovelvin zeynalov
06:13 18 Oct 22
it was very good experience with them. I liked product and price are very affordable same time shipping is as well. so , i really recommend to everybody .
Mustafa KarademirMustafa Karademir
23:25 17 Oct 22
They are really friendly and helpful. In my opinion blinds is their job. My wife and I hundred percent recommend them.
16:28 17 Oct 22
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Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are the most popular and preferred types of blinds used in both homes and offices in recent years. These mechanical curtains are made up of opaque and transparent strips and are extremely comfortable to use. The name of a Zebra is due to the fact that it resembles the family of equine as a pattern. It's basically a blinds, but it can be called a different kind of curtain. This is because some of its properties and the blind are leaving the curtain. Let's look at the blinds that are frequently used in homes and offices, and especially what are Zebra curtains and what are their properties. Our Zebra Blinds Models.. Click to get an offer now!

What is roller shades?

Roller shade is a type of mechanical curtain used in homes and workplaces. Reduces light and heat from the sun. It also creates a dim atmosphere in the areas used. It is generally a preferred model because it is extremely economical and useful. Generally, lighter tones and gray colors are preferred. It does not have a lot of technical features and is therefore a cost-effective product. Roller shades are made from a different type of fabric than classic curtain fabrics. These fabrics are made with fabrics that are specially applied to the finish so that they can fit exactly into the pipes on the top. The fabric has different light permeability than conventional curtain fabrics. Call us for more!  

Where to Buy Zebra Blinds in Toronto?

Zebra Blinds in Toronto even in cities like zebra blinds Toronto, it's easy to find. This is a very convenient way to get access to products like this in every country. At the point where the blinds and the sub-products of this blind are found, every city is now very important. This can also be returned for different blind models. If you want to find Vertical Zebra curtains, we can still tell you that countries like Toronto are available. If you want to buy blinds, you need to find and contact the companies that serve in this area. Roller Shades . When you want to find Vertical Zebra blinds, we can also express to you that countries like Toronto are suitable. If you want to buy zebra blinds, you need to find companies that serve in this field and contact these people.

Characteristics of Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds have extremely important and effective features. We need to point out that these features are a very important factor in people's purchasing process. Many people prefer it very much because of the features of the curtains. The general characteristics of these curtains are as follows;
  • Curtains are used as a tool during the day and allow daylight to enter the area in which it is used. At night, it is used as a sun visor, preventing light from entering from the outside and providing privacy.
  • Zebra blinds are the most preferred model because they look useful and stylish.
  • The most preferred model is Zebra blinds because it looks convenient and stylish.
  • It is also preferred because it is a highly compact blinds model and takes up space.
  • There is a mechanism which allows the blinds to be opened and closed much more easily.
  • Zebra blinds are easy and practical to install.
  • Zebra blinds are now easy to find anywhere in the world, especially Toronto. You can purchase and use these products to take advantage of them.

    What are the Zebra blind types?

    Outdoor Shades, vertical Zebra falls is among the most preferred types of curtain in Toronto and other cities. The Zebra blinds are divided into extremely important and effective species. Each of these types has its own characteristics, and consequently its use cases. When you want to buy a Zebra blinds, you must know its features and types. When you know these features, it will be much easier to choose the model that is right for you. Blackout Roller shade is the type of curtain used when an area is to be completely closed. It has a significant effect on completely blocking sunlight in areas.

    Motorized Blinds Toronto

    Motorized shutters Motorized shutters are products used to prevent external solar radiation. It can be operated with or without buttons due to motorized operation. Automatically allows an area to be turned on when prompted to be closed. It is one of the most advanced and naturally most preferred models of shutters. When these products are assembled in a robust and efficient manner, they are a great convenience to you. We need to point out that motorized shutters are very important and effective, taking names based on their characteristics. There are different models in themselves, especially controlled and separated by buttons. These and the features must be known.

    Motorized shutters Canada

    Motorized shutters can be found very comfortable in Canada and in the cities of this important country. You can also meet with the sales companies in this area for the most specific and important motor shutter models you are looking for. You can also find the motorized shutters you are looking for through these companies. Blackout Roller shade is among the most sought-after and wanted-to-buy models in cities like Toronto.

    Smart Home Solution

    Smart home solution has been around for many years, but has been easier to access in recent years. With smart home systems, many processes and systems that need to be done manually in the home are running automatically. Together with these home systems, it allows you to automatically operate a number of systems, especially curtains used at home. Smart home is known to be controlling and automating home systems with technology. Together with smart home systems, security systems, sweeps, curtains, energy systems and more affect many other important elements. Smart home solution is widely used in Toronto and many other cities. It also makes it even more stylish and functional in the home with the use of them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What's the difference between the Zebra curtain and the blinds?
    • Both are mechanical curtains, but basically the Zebra curtain is actually a subproduct of the blinds. In addition, blinds are made of one-piece fabric, while Zebra curtains are made of two and more fabrics. In addition, some differences can be separated from each other.
    • Which would be preferred between Zebra curtain or Motorized shutters?
    • Both Zebra curtains and motorized shutters are often preferred with their own unique features. Both of these are partially or precisely blocking the sunlight entering their habitat. When the engine is requested, the opening and closing operation is carried out using the control, and the Zebra curtains are manually operated. In this case, you can decide what is best for you, but only if you need it.
    • What are the benefits of smart home systems?
    • With smart home systems, you can automatically run many of the systems in your home. That gives you great comfort. It is possible to have more comfortable and stylish homes.
    • How to buy a Toronto Zebra curtain in Canada?
    • Zebra blinds now widely used all over the world. For those living in this region, there are products imported from Turkey and produced in this region.
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